Rikka Femme x Murasaki Sports

Colleen Wilcox murasaki sports rikka femme surf art surfboard surfing

One of my favorite recent collaborations has been with Japanese surf brand, Rikka Femme, whose parent company Murasaki Sports created two lines of artwork surfboards with my designs. 

The first round featured my "Botanical" artwork on the tail and underside of the nose on a limited edition (of 100) 7'2" fun board shaped in Japan. 

Next they came out with soft tops in two colors featuring my "Paradise" artwork on the underside of the nose in similar dimensions as the previous board. 

I have been enjoying riding the limited edition board for quite some time now. It always feels exciting to be able to experience my artwork on a product that it is more than just a painting, but something you can take out into everyday life and have fun with too. 

Check out Murasaki Sports stores in Japan, or their website or Rakuten to find out more info about these boards. 



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